These web apps make your life just that little bit easier. Maybe you want to get rid of those third party sellers on Amazon.

Or maybe you need to import some goods into the EU and you want to calculate the total costs. These apps are for you and are free to use.

Since they are webapps you can install them on your phone or desktop.

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CriSim: the Pandemic

Story-based decision simulator

Imagine back at the end of 2019, sitting at the table. Not just sitting at it but being at the helm of a crisis response unit responsible for containing a novel virus. We've all lived through it these past years but would you fare any better?

Take your seat and serve your citizens in a harrowing simulation of one of the biggest crises in human history. Decide on policy which will turn into a matter of life and death and serve your people the best (or worst) way you can.

Coming to "when it's done"™

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Amazon Third Party-filter

This tool filters the third party sellers from your Amazon search results. This way you can buy from Amazon more easily.

Import cost calculator

Ever had that feeling? You see that old box game on Ebay but thanks to it being oversees, you have no idea what it will cost you. Calculate it with this simple tool.