Import Cost Calculator

When you import an item into the EU, you'll have to pay some taxes and charges. This can be a bit difficult to calculate as it involves quite a few regulations.

This app makes it a little bit easier and gives you and estimate of the duties you can expect.

You'll have to know a few things before you know the total cost. Like the total price of your package, and how much your local postal agency is charging to clear your package with customs.

When you enter all the numbers, the app will calculate your approximate tax duties.

One thing to consider: this app will work for VAT-items and for items with import tariffs, however these vary from item to item. Make sure you enter the right tariff.

The app is a webapp so you can install it on your phone no problem.

You can find the app right here.

Cost: Totally free of charge.

Here you can find some manuals you can use to install the apps on your device:

For Desktop.

For Android.

For Apple iOS devices.